Monday, January 02, 2006


To circumvent: to manage to get around especially by ingenuity or stratagem.

I have this rather good/bad habit of hitting something head on. Literally. My forehead may be battered with bruises, but this is my modus operandi.
I don't do half-measures. I've never learned how.
If I want whole being wants it.

But now I'm beginning to realize that some things (not all), might need a little finesse instead of brute strength. If I could accomplish things by pure willpower alone, everyone would need to run screaming in the opposite direction. Fair warning. *laughs*

Circumventing is something I must learn. Baby steps. I'm so used to imposing my will on a project and might need a moment to take a breath and get another perspective.
Does everything need this strategy? No. I would feel as if I've accomplished very little if I employed this all the time.

But it has its own charm, I think. The more tools I have in my toolbox, the more depth I'll have in acquiring what I seek. And that's worth a second look. No matter what.


Olga said...

Sometimes circumvention is the best strategy, Chrys! But I agree, the more tools you have the better!

Michelle said...

Baby steps are a good thing. Hang in there, Chrys!

Rene said...

I'm a born circumventor. As an only child, I made manipulation into an art form. I have a dh that meets everything head on like a bull in a china shop while I usually sneak through a window to get what I want. I'm also patient (unless coffee is involved). Good luck on those baby steps. Its hard to change.

B said...

Wow, what a powerful realization, baby steps huh? Taking a step back and not going at it with everying thing in you? May prove to be easier said than done, but definitely worth giving it a shot.