Friday, November 26, 2004

The day after...

Ah. 'Tis officially Christmas season now, folks. What IS it about this time of year that turns most of us (oh, yes...ME)into raving loonies? I have book homework which I will work on today. But...I also have this insatiable desire to clean my house from top to bottom and make it all pretty. Utter insanity, I'm telling you. Kids are home. They will be my little cleaning minions for as long as I can keep the bluff on. And I have playstation for leverage LMAO.
So. Hmm. Putting up the tree Sunday. Before football, of course. Hehehe
Converting the house from Fall to Winter. Thanksgiving to Christmas. Small slice of madness to total lunacy. It's good to have goals.
I've decided to do a Christmas letter this year. I wrote one about two years ago and everyone loved it. Think I'll give it another try this year. Title? "Ramblings from a Madwoman" LMAO. Okay. Okay. Probably not, though that one REALLY calls to me :)~~

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