Sunday, November 14, 2004

Got wood?

I do!!!! Had a rick of pecan delivered this morning. Ooooooooooooo wood. It's the small things, huh?
Love the smell of wood burning and football playing. Packers at three. So I must get my head around what I'll be doing with my writing this morning. I need to work on "The Portrait." Think on my characters from THE NOVEL. Write a line or two on my thriller.
I'm thinking on my short story submission at Writer's Digest. That will percolate in the back of my mind at least three times a week until I know how it all shakes out.
Been quiet with my Goblin Sisters. WAY TOO QUIET!!! LMAO I'm used to several posts a day. We must all have busy weekends. I miss them when we're not posting. I'll finish this, read their blogs, and rock on with my writing.


none said...

I know. Did someone go nuts, die, or what on our list. I am shocked. Janie

chryscat said...

Insanity is always just a breath away LMAO. However, I think all the lovely Goblin sisters are just booked this weekend.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Hey, Chrys, I'm still alive! Barely. Lots of family craziness this weekend.

So you're entering the Writer's Digest short story contest? I have one I'm thinking about entering. I wrote it for Woman's World months ago but never sent it in. It was a "dare" for myself--I could NOT believe I'd ever write something under 1100 words (and I ended up under 900!).

ACK! I posted something about word count! Hopefully Janie won't whack me too hard because this was all written long before Goblin Sisters. :-)

I'm glad the Packers won, but my dear Chiefs played more like Chefs. *grumble*