Thursday, November 18, 2004

Voices in my head

Okay. Where to start? Let's see. First of all, I got in bed around ten-thirty. But, lo and behold, I could NOT sleep. Hmm. What's a writer to do? Well. This one got up and opened her handy, dandy notebook and started listing static traits and oxymorons. Janie. If you don't get OUT OF MY HEAD...I'm going to charge rent LMAO.
Also. I am one DEEP WELL of static traits. And wear a lifejacket, kiddies. The water is deep and there be weird things swimming around in there.
So now, it's almost six in the morning. I've been awake since four, and I am raring to go. It's a sickness I tell you :)~~
Here's some of my favorite oxymorons. Keep in mind, I'm sleep-deprived.
Lobotomized genius...Brilliant idiot...Charitable miser...Capable klutz...Friendly enemy...Shy adventurer...Lovable loser. And static traits? Let's see. Robert off of "Everybody Loves Raymond" touches his silverware to his chin before he takes a bite. I had a friend in high school who would only use a straw to drink and never after anybody else. I have one more, but it escapes me.
Okay. I'm going to work on my character sheets. FOCUS! And I'll check back in later, when the Diet Pepsi has made more of an impact.


none said...

I love this. Laughing! I am very tired today.


chryscat said...

Yes, woman. You've made quite an impact. And I KNOW you must be tired. You whipped them e-mails out in record time LMAO.

Michelle said...

Lordy, just thinking about all those emails makes me tired. Go take a nap, Janie...I'll be in study hell for the next few hours...Ugh!
At least I got one scene re-written...or I think maybe I wrote it, did I write? Maybe it is just a figment of my imagination...Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket.
Hugs Chyrs...just make a list of all those static traits for other books, they'll come in handy...promise.

Cupcake Man said...
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