Thursday, November 11, 2004

Back again

Ooh, la la. I'm back again . I think it's overcompensation for not being to do my all tomorrow. I've worked on my short story-gone-long some more. Also going to turn in a short story to Writer's Digest Annual Short Short Story Competition. I've had it written for months. Just feels like the right time to submit it. I'm working on honing my stories. Nipping here. Tucking there. I waffled back and forth between "The Portrait", my mystery, and working on characters for THE NOVEL. I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit today. It's a good feeling. Got rid of another kitten, too. That's ALSO good news. Little furball heathens .
I can already feel the insomnia creep up. Didn't go to sleep last night until around two a.m. Can't do that tonight, or my heiney will be dragging behind me tomorrow. Got too much stuff to do.
Hm. Story of my life LMAO.

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