Monday, November 15, 2004

Call me cranky

Because I am. And then some. For those with delicate sensibilities...just skip this entry. Cause it's about to be ON!!!!
I have a killer sinus infection. I won't go into details, but let me assure one and all I have had exactly three breaths out of my right nostril all week. Everything else is plugged up. That has led to one LONG, SEVERE, sinus headache. For approximately ten days. Then, just as I got back from town AGAIN (which I LOATHE), seems two of my chickens were at Cheerleading Camp. Shit. So. I rush out of the driveway, cause somehow I forgot to write it on my calendar....and I'm STILL late. I've had to go to the bathroom now for about thirty minutes by the time I pull BACK into the driveway.
Then there's dinner to be made. Biscuits and gravy. Scrambled eggs. My kitchen looks like every damn pot I own has decided to come out and play. I'm ate up. Just foul as a chicken. And I don't really care. There are days when I just want to say "WHAT ABOUT ME?" Is it too much? Apparently. Because then that damn "Mama" gene kicks in, and I simmer down.
However. And this is the one PERK to my day. I bought myself something. Hehehe. This is such a rarity, I had to note it. Brand new pen and pencil set. PRETTY! Deep ruby and silver filigree on the tops. Maybe I'll live after all :)~~


none said...

These are days when you want to change your name from "Mama." I hope tomorrow is a better one. I am off to clean and read myself to sleep. Hugs, Janie

Michelle said...

You do realize that it is exactly 13 times that "Mama" can be called before we officially lose it. What is it about "I'm on the pot" that children do not understand? Can you get me a drink? I need you to help me find something to wear...I swear I'm going to go to sears and buy giranimals again and color coordinate everything...hubby's clothes too...I'm with ya babe...I spent half my afternoon listening to
"Be Agressive...B E Agg res sive...Be Aggressive...What the flip is the all about anyway? Be aggressive? I'll give 'em agressive...

Mom with no coffee and no sleep, and poor Chrys cannot even breathe through her right nostril. Go get some Afrin what if you get a little nose bleed? At least you be able to sleep with hearing that annoying whistle coming out of your own nose and better yet you won't have to sleep with your mouth open, worrying about some creepy crawly coming for a late night snack!
and I hope you feel better soon.
aka...Lady Samwise...
Janie got us both today didn't she?