Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My horoscope for the day

Sometimes you can seem disconnected from reality, but others don't usually know how far out you really are. Now, as the Moon moves through your sign, you can surprise them, but not with how weird you are. You can be the hero by finding a solution to a problem that others couldn't solve. Don't hold yourself back. Think big and original ideas that work will come to you.

LMAO!!! This is my horoscope for today. It rather fits. Spooky, that. And for the record...the first sentence is WAY TOO ACCURATE. Hehehe.

Oh. And I have EVERY animal I have inside. I'm having an architect draw up plans for our Ark. It WON'T QUIT RAINING!


none said...

Oh, this could be a static trait for a character. Reading their horoscopes and relying on them! OMG! Or playing off them with words in the story. It would be a scream!!!!!!!!!!!!


none said...

I think you should add this to the heroine's static traits. She can have more than one. Keys are good. But this one is hilarious and just think of the horoscopes you could make up to fit the book.
It would be so gooooooooooooddddd.