Saturday, November 13, 2004

Deja vu...

Well. Good grief. Went to town again today. I believe that's a new record. I go as little as possible. Too many people. And's that time again. CHRISTMAS. I double-checked just to make sure LMAO. About six weeks from now. Good Lord. Took all the kids. Just shows how masochistic I can be. You know that moment? The one, when if you get one more thing shoved in your face, you'll absolutely freak out and act like a loon? Yeah . Heads turned, let me tell you.
But it was a good day. Ran into a guy I've known since 7th grade. Um........(unspecified) years ago. He was such a good writer. I LOVED to read his stories. He wrote horror. Spooky. Scary. Boogeyman type stuff. I told him I was being published. He was happy for me. Hugged me. But I could see it bothered him.
You was his dream too. It's moments like that which make me realize how hard we have to work to pursue our dreams. Relentlessly. Passionately. Faithfully.
It was a look at a future I didn't want to have. The "I could have" look.
"I could have been a famous author."
"I could have written what I loved to write."
Screw "could have". I'm going to :)~~~

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