Friday, November 19, 2004


I have plans this weekend so I will be MIA until Sunday evening or Monday morning. I'm working on my vision for "Matchmaker." Lots of stuff to do and write. That should keep me preoccupied. Okay, busier than hell LOL.
I need to dig a little deeper on a couple of things and really bring them out. Kids are excited about next week being a TWO DAY week. Thanksgiving and all. Joely, I need the gun (GGGG). Help a sister out :)~~
It's cold here. Might snow Monday or Tuesday. My ear infection has gotten worse. I'll be trotting off to the Doctors next week. UGH. So. To sum it up... I'm in pain. Kids will be home ALL next week. I have plans this weekend to do stuff I will TOLERATE. Janie is sick. Fredericka said she is leaving.
I need some more Diet Pepsi. Maybe an IV. SIGH
Trying to muster a grin and just can't

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