Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The living hell known as static trait world

Okay. I'm gonna make it. Really. I'm hanging onto my last two brain cells and rubbing them together later for one, last synapse.
It's amazing how quickly a story can pour out of you, and yet, you can't think of two, measley static traits. Boggles the mind. The one I had this morning LMAO.
I'm working on my MATCHMAKER series, Janie. Really. No more slapping WOMAN! Hehehe
So. I believe I need to cosy up to my lovely notebook and figure this bad boy out. Actually. I've got the ideas for the first two books. The third is giving me fits. We'll see.
Tired grins*


none said...

I am watching you with my "Evil EYE" laughing hysterically here, because...I will tell you later. But don't you just hate planning a book! It's enough to make you want to quit writing! HEHEHEHEHE

Michelle said...

Tonight I have lost half of my edits...that is worse than trying to come up with static traits. I am so insane I am going to have to go bed before I break something. Grrrrr...Yes, I'm still growling.

Watch out for that evil eye thingy Chrys...It works let me tell you. I keep singing that song while I try to work..."I never promised you a rose garden" I think that should be the Goblin Sister's theme song for the day...lol

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Who knew static traits (straits? as in strait jackets?) could be so...er...fun! Yeah, that's it! I think you've got some great stuff brewing, so keep rubbing those brain cells together! (So I can borrow one later, okay?)

none said...

I feel like I am the one in the strait jacket! LAUGHING OUT LOUD. LAUGHING HARD! But you all did surprise me. It's good stuff. I am impressed.