Sunday, November 14, 2004

Packers WIN!!!--tied for lead in division

WOOHOO! My boys won! Oh yes , s'all good. I've worked on "The Portrait" a little. Kind of hard when the chickens come in and out of the room. Tap..Tap...Tap....Tap
Therefore, not much was accomplished. However, and thank the good Lord for this one, tomorrow is MONDAY. I have writing plans. Lots of them. I have um.....X amount of words on "The Portrait"
(furtively looking for Janie and laughing. I hate to be thwacked a good one.
It's falling into place rather well. I'm enjoying writing it. Sophie is good stuff. Smart. Witty. Capable of taking care of herself.
Dylan is steady. Private. Very deep. Interesting.
They wait for me. To guide them. To speak for them. To give them life.
And I love it.


none said...


No word counts! Do not even elude to them. NO NUMBERS!

And chapters are not important. Scenes and sections are.

Is this your book? I don't think soooo. You should be trying to figure out how to make your Matchmaker a series. Get on it. RIGHT AWAY. I MEAN IT.

Sweetly, Smiling, Sincerely,

chryscat said...

I have been well and truly chastised LMAO.
Okay, woman. I'm on it.