Monday, April 02, 2007

La. La. And then some.

You know it's been a bad day when I tell a lovelorn friend that "love is a bitch. A dominatrix with a cat o'nine tails ready and willing to whip your ass."
(THIS from a woman who writes romance. *snickering*)

I've been a bit cranky the last couple of days. Lack of sleep, methinks. And I worked Saturday which shortened my weekend considerably.
Damn it.

I need a Spring Break. A "Big People" Spring Break. I don't need to flash my breasts and change swimsuits with the opposite gender. I don't need to imbibe countless drinks and sleep with strangers. (I really want to say something off-color here but will refrain)
I don't need to do stupid shit and then wonder if I need to be tested for diseases when I get home.
I simply need a break.

A break from the dipshit that constantly haunts my life. And the friend who turned out to be a backstabbing bitch from hell. That's about it.

A time to recharge the batteries and sip something cool while sunning my buns on the deck. No watches. No place to be. And certainly no damn deadlines or cranky people.
No manipulation and people that change their minds on a whim and look at you like you're crazy.
No bullshit. (Seriously. I need a "no bullshit" policy because I have ZERO TOLERANCE)

Why, oh why, do only students get Spring Break? Don't the rest of us need that time?
Hell yes, we do!

Now excuse me while I lay butt-naked on the deck while sipping my Diet Pepsi and forgetting what assholes some people can be.

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