Thursday, April 19, 2007

I blog; therefore, I am

Well. If that was true, I may as well cease to exist, huh? LMAO

How's it been in your neck of the woods? It's been crazy hectic here. The kids have about one more month of school. *sigh*
Is it REALLY hateful to wish for fall already?
Work is busy, and I have NOT been writing as I should.
And, of course, I had two more GREAT ideas for books. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Wouldn't you know it?

I toy with the idea of an agent every now and again. And I'm seriously considering branching out into different publishers. But we shall see.

Received a fan letter the other day asking if I was thinking about a sequel to What He Wants.

Cloning is still illegal, right?
Too damn bad.

Some good news? I'm off tomorrow, which is so incredibly lovely. But I have to work Saturday. So that will limit my weekendness to Sunday. And I need to write!!!

Thanks for visiting. Musings from My Mercurial Mind will probably resurface sometime this weekend for bitching, whining, and generally moaning.

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Nancy J. Bond said...

Glad to see you're still with us, Crystal. ;) You sound like a busy gal.