Saturday, April 07, 2007

Literary disappointments

I realize that most readers have stacks upon stacks of TBR (To Be Read) piles.
Quite frankly...I'm not one of them.

I will pick up a "hot" author. You know the ones of which I speak: Christina Dodd. Lisa Kleypas. Christine Feehan. LKH. Authors in the genre which I write.
And then I sit down and read. Once.
And the Christina Dodd I picked up...I didn't get to the second chapter. Does this mean she's not a great author? Not at all. But she's not suiting my reading right now.
And heaven knows...with my time at such a premium...I don't have time to jack with stuff I know I'll simply slog through.

There is nothing more disappointing than sitting down with great anticipation with a book and then closing it ten minutes later and knowing you will NEVER get those ten minutes back.
Rather inhales.

I used to be able to read anything and everything whenever I wanted. But it's just not possible any more. I've become pickier (MUCH) in my chosen selections. And when they don't measure up...the authors don't get another chance.

If you write...make your seventh book as fresh and exciting as your first. Make us love the characters. Enjoy the plot. And embrace the whole experience with every part of ourselves.
Don't become lazy. Don't tell yourself you'll do better next time.
Because if there are readers like me out there...there won't BE a next time.

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