Friday, April 27, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

Yes! It is! *kissing my desk calendar*
Best news I've had all day.

This week has been interminable. But baby chicken assures me hers as flown by. Hmph. Go figure.
Oldest chicken went to a band festival yesterday. Got in a wee bit of a go-kart accident. *eye twitch* The band director suggested a bubble for her. I would have to concur. The child seems to bump/bruise/injure something about every other day.

April is winding down rapidly, and I find myself wondering...Where in the blue hell did a quarter of my year go???

Had a twinge last night. I missed my house. My stuff. My old life. The normalcy of it all. It kind of lingered like the remnants of a strong headache. I'm moving on, but I didn't expect to be blindsided by the nostalgia. Guess it takes quite a bit of time to iron it all out subconsciously.

I'm writing this weekend. And Lord does THAT need to be done. But I woke this morning, cranky-mind you, but with a sense of purpose that has long been missing in my life of late. I feel strong. I feel capable. Damn it...hear me roar! *grins*

That's about all the randomness for now. I work until five. Then it's off to check in with the chickens and enjoy the fact that I don't have to work this weekend.


Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* I'm sure it takes a lot of time to get over something like that.

And your oldest chicken takes after her blog-aunt Tori. *g* By golly, if there's anything to run into or trip over, I will find it!

Rene said...

I think its to be expected that you're going to get hit with the sadness of the fire. I think I might still be in a puddle of self-pity if it were me. But you've always looked forward. Hope this weekend it relaxing. Mine never is. I look forward to Monday.

Bryan said...

As others have said, it's expected to miss what you had. You have to allow yourself that indulgence.

As toe 1/4 of the year... not to make you feel any worse about it... but it's actually 1/3 of the year. Yep, one whole month past 1/4. Your welcome.

Get some R&R this weekend, or failing that, get some writing done. See you next week.