Monday, April 23, 2007

Hot dreams about...Robbie Benson?

Okay. I admit it. I had some pretty *ahem* hot dreams about Robbie Benson last night. Is that weird? Um...yeah.

First...I have vague memories of the dude. I think he was in "My Bodyguard" and some movie about ice skating. Dunno. Like I said...vague. But this dream he was HAWT! Holy cow and then some.
Young, lithsome, tan, etc. etc. etc. *wiping drool off keyboard*

What prompted this impromptu appearance of Robbie Benson in my rich fantasy life? Not sure about that either. I think he symbolizes someone in my world right now that I find sincere, attractive, and very beta. Therefore, voila, my wee little head conjured him up.

Interesting. Odd as hell. But highly interesting.

Wonder who's going to make an appearance in my subconscious this evening? Wonder if I can campaign for Hugh Jackman? *drool*



Tori Lennox said...

Robbie Benson?! Wow. I never much liked him even when he was in all the Tiger Beats and 16s of my youth. *g*

I'd be a lot more excited about Hugh Jackman. :)

Rene said... have rendered me speechless. Shaun Cassidy, I understand. At least it wasn't Leif Garret.

Red Letter said...

Yeah, but have you seen good ole Robbie lately? He is one young star that has not aged well, unlike...oh, John Travolta, say.

But boy do I remember what a heartthrob he was in the day, those pouty lips, dimples, smile.

I need to have better dreams.

Lyvvie said...

HEY! I posted a big "OMG I love Robbie!!" monologue here and it's gone! I must stop clicking x and start clicking submit. Geez!

I'd love a dream about him. And I think he looks fine these days - I mean he's 51, not 20 anymore and those blue eyes are still amazing.

Anonymous said...

interesting.. hope your dreams come true...