Monday, April 09, 2007

Come one...come all

I left work early today because, frankly, I feel like hammered dog shit. I don't believe that's a medical term. But it really does sum it up nicely. Came home, crawled into bed, and slept like the dead (probably looked like it, too) for four hours.

Before I departed, I got a bit of good news. I will be on a panel with Christine Rimmer and Merline Lovelace at the Red Dirt Book Festival slated for November 1-3, 2007 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
How exciting is that???

I did a panel with Christine Rimmer in February and absolutely loved it. Great lady. And I recently saw Merline speak at a conference. So I'm very excited about the opportunity. Plus, I can showcase my works to readers and writers from all over Oklahoma.
*blissful sigh*

And on another professional note...ALL of my books, and I do mean ALL, are in the top fifty for Fictionwise right now. My publisher has around 400 books listed, so I'm loving that. Not to mention that I have a book that's a year and a half old that suddenly made a spring forward. And another that's over a year old. I think it has to do with my two books being reviewed in Romantic Times Magazine.
We'll see. *fingers crossed*

And for more professional good news (as my personal life sucks right now, and we all know it)...What He Wants is STILL in the Top Ten Bestsellers at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. That's TEN months on the list. And it's NUMBER TWO!!!
Wow. I am very professionally humbled by this. Flattered. Honored. All of the above.

It's such a great feeling. Knowing my words are being read. That one of my stories may, right now, be in someone's hands. And that they have entered a world I created with only my mind.
And all I have to say is this...don't get lost in there. Stay OUT of the closets on the second floor. Stick with the travel guide. *grins* And don't forget the map at the doorway. This mind has lots of twists and turns. Maybe better leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Or articles of clothing. lmao

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