Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You can't go wrong with naked

Here it is, my lovelies! The cover to Summer Solstice Scorchers available June 2007 from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. My story is "Conjuring Cade."
When Bliss Monroe takes a quiz in a magazine about what she likes in the bedroom...she has no idea that her answers will conjure the perfect man to fulfill her every carnal desire.
Until Cade knocks on her door and magically binds her to her bed. With magazine in hand, he's more than willing to make sure Bliss gets what she wants. Over and over again.


Tori Lennox said...

Yowza! Hot cover and a very hot-sounding story, too.

Nienke said...

The story sounds awesome! Congrats on the publication!

Jill Monroe said...

That is VERY hot. Those books will fly!

Michelle said...

What an AMAZING cover! Love it!! :)