Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thank you, Easter Bunny!

I opened one eye blearily at eight something this morning to have oldest chicken's chocolate breath blowing on my face.
"I got chocolate."

Well. No kidding. Not only did the chickens get chocolate...they also received a stuff bunny, windmill pen, and assorted candies and chocolates.

The Easter Bunny was a busy little critter last night. He had to hide 48 eggs. Yes. That's no typo. Eighteen for each chicken. Poor Easter Bunny. Probably tired and frazzled this morning.
Yeah. I'd bet on it.

I was going to be a woman of leisure today and kick back and do nothing, but unfortunately, there are dishes and laundry to take care of. So that's what I'm doing right now.
I do believe I may try and take a nap later. Wonder of all wonders. I can't remember the last time I actually took one. Hmmmmm *pondering*
I'm making the ham and accessories early so that the short people may munch the rest of the evening and not be asking, "What's for dinner?"
Heathens. *grins*

It's cold here as it is over most of the country. I've got my red, fuzzy socks on and the heater turned up.
And even though we all are reaping the benefits of the Easter bunny...let's not forget what else we're thankful for.
He is risen.


Michelle said...

Amen! And I'm also very thankful for Cadbury's Creme Eggs. :)

Debbie Wallace said...

Cadbury eggs...I second that! LOL Naps are nice. I like to take one once in a while.

Rene said...

48 eggs?!!!

Wow, that's a lot of eggs.

Glad you had a nice Easter.