Monday, May 04, 2009

90476 HELL to the YEAH!!!

I did it.
I finished Warrior and the Sparrow yesterday.
And I feel fucking fantastic.

It was a lazy day. The girls pretty much slept the entire time. MC didn't feel good. But me? I sat on my bed with my trusty laptop and finished writing a story that means so much to me.
And as soon as I finished and did a victory lap around the house, I made dinner.
Glamorous, huh?
I don't think they realize the magnitude, the little chickenlips. But I do.
So...without further ado...Warrior and the Sparrow:

A powerful warrior destined from birth for a dangerous quest.
A world ravaged by an evil presence that will stop at nothing short of complete domination.
A remarkable woman who risks everything she is or ever will be to save both.
Love it!

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Kat Groenbeck said...

I had no doubt you could do this. What an awesome accomplishment!! Now to get it in print, where it belongs! Proud of ya woman!!!