Monday, May 18, 2009

The big yellow orb in the sky

I saw it this morning. I almost fainted. It was the SUN, I tell ya!!! Here. In Oklahoma!
Amazing what a little sunshine can do for ya. Even for a Monday, I'm fairly perky. *grins*
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.

It's the girls' last week of school. MC has 8th grade promotion this Thursday. Then she's off to high school.
I'm still processing this. And I believe she is, too. It's hard for her. But hopefully when August rolls around, she'll start to adjust. Having the family down for pizza (per MC's request-I swear the child can inhale a whole pie-God love her) and ice cream. Can anyone say Pepcid AC? SURE you can! lmao
Then we'll be off to the water park this weekend. Going to get out and about and explore the state a bit this summer. And if we like this water park fairly well, we may visit more than a couple of times. The only problem? It's about an hour and a half away. BC does NOT travel well.
Took MC dress shopping Friday. She picked one out that so signifies who she is. *grins* With all sorts of accessories that don't match but she loves because they DON'T match. Eclectic, that child.
So that's how the week unfolds. Gotta get MC's hair done Wednesday morning before work. Promises to be a long ass day, my friends. But anything for the chickens.


Rene said...

Isn't amazing how busy the end of the school year is? But it sounds like fun. Post a picture after 8th grade promotion.

Kimber said...

MC sounds a lot like Sierra - she went to the dance last week in a hot pink taffeta skirt and army boots:)