Thursday, May 07, 2009

What a couple of days!!!

I took yesterday off. Planned it about two weeks ago. Then it happened that I was asked out to lunch. It was a nice little get together. But I think I made my date nervous. *laughing*
Go figure.
I think sometimes I'm a little out there. But I don't see that changing. Ever. It is what it is. *grins*

The most excellent news?
I already received a response back from an agent about Warrior and the Sparrow! OMG!!! I opened the email, squealed (which we all know is a rarity), then couldn't calm myself to sit down at my desk. lmao
Of course, she wants a synopsis. *sigh*
So that's my pft news. But hey! I think it's a small price to pay. A really, really small price. So I'm all jacked up on endorphins and tickled shitless that a work that I absolutely love has sparked someone else's interest.
Beyond exciting.
Have a fantastic day!


Rene said...

I scared a few dates in my lifetime as well.

Kudos on the request.

Tori Lennox said...

You go, girl!

Kimber said...

Dates *shudder* I haven't been on one in years. I wouldn't have a clue how to act around a man :)
And congrats on the agent response!