Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Education THEN Implementation

This is the world of half-assed. You realize that, right? It's a world of "NOW NOW NOW" with only minimal (if any) knowledge pertaining to whatever is NOW NOW NOW.
It's fucking crazy.
Lately I've been bombarded with people, training, and life situations where NOW NOW NOW is being shoved down my throat while I'm standing there looking at the group of crazies asking...and would you like to tell me how, why, where, which one, and what?
Well. Would you?
You expect me to enforce a new tool without any training whatsoever. You expect me to attend an awards banquet at my child's school with less than twenty-four hours notice. You expect me to have the answers while you give me the question in pieces.
It seriously boggles the mind.
Preparation! And I'm not talking "to death." Or to the nth degree. No. Because what fun would that be?
But I'm implying a certain knowledge shared before expecting a desirable result.
Is that to much to ask?
Methinks not.
But then again, lately, I couldn't tell.

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