Saturday, May 09, 2009

Heart and Soul

I always tell people that the romance books come from my heart, but the poetry comes from my soul. I wrote three poems one right after the other last night. This one was my first and my favorite.

every breath slick with ice
the cold too much to bear
frigid tendrils fill my chest
iced vapors in the air

i yearn for heat
to flare inside
melt the pain
all else tried

but the cold holds tight
squeezed 'round my chest
spread throughout
a torturous guest

i shake and shiver
my soul splinters deep
broken in pieces
i weep
i weep

i long for the warmth
to ease this ache
soothe the tears
mend the break

loneliness a slow death
killing pieces of me
laid frozen and bare
though none can see

1 comment:

Kat Groenbeck said...

It's a powereful piece of writing, one I can relate very much too! Would love to read the others! Thanks for sharing!