Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Unbeknownst to me, my favorite pajama pants (cute little penguins on pink fabric) developed a rip in them. Um...not a small one. So when I got off the couch to go get a drink, I mooned my children. lmao
Both cheeks.
Amusement abounds.

My girls have taken to watching me exercise because they are complete buttheads. There is main chickie (the evil blond bitch) then four back-up chickies. One, in particular, messes up more often than not. In fact, there is a spot where she completely loses all of it. The girls have now dubbed her "crash and burn girl."

I got a request for another partial from a REALLY good agent. *grins*

Yesterday was PURE hell. Not diluted, mind you. It was complete and utter horrificness packaged nicely into my work day. My eye has already begun to twitch. Thus begins summer.

I don't understand some people. I honestly don't. I think that if there were a way to circumvent a clusterfuck, one would take it. *shrug* Maybe that's just me.

Going to try and go to the water park again this weekend. Last Saturday was a washout. I did, however, lay out Monday. LOVE the sun on my skin. Several years down the We shall see. lmao

Move Oldest Chicken into the dorms for Upward Bound Sunday. Don't know what I'm going to do for entertainment Monday through Friday now. One of the other chickens (or both) must step up. Plans are in progress.

Life is good.

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Kat Groenbeck said...

she does soooo bite! Be affeared!!