Thursday, April 30, 2009

Speak it

Middle Chicken complained about a week and a half ago that she craved pizza. You know how teenagers are. My God, you would've thought it held the elixir of life or something. Anyway, not two days later she had pizza. Then I forgot she had a field trip so I picked up pizza. Then that weekend we made homemade pizza.
I laughed.
Because I'm a firm believer in speaking it. Once it's out there (whatever it is) there will be a response. I don't care what it is you've popped out into the Universe---there will be a reaction. Isn't it amazing how you think of somebody you haven't spoken to in ages, and they call? Or you ponder about something that bothers you, and the solution arrives? Or something makes a reference to your thoughts?
Thoughts are powerful, yes. But speaking the words aloud solidifies them. Gives strength to them.
So says a future NYT bestselling author.

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