Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Middle Chicken moves on

I remember pushing her out, and the nurse laying her naked little body on my chest. What big eyes she had.

I remember pulling her little red hair up on top of her head like a mini-waterfall and calling her Pebbles. But she was cuter.

I remember her crooked grin and quiet demeanor. She was the only one of the girls who could play by herself.

I remember the local paper taking a picture of her while she walked down the stairs to the Kindergarten Christmas program in all her green velvet glory. She smiled shyly for the camera.

I remember working all night on a Science Fair Project about gum with her. She says the teacher picked the subject, but I really think she just wanted to see how many flavors of gum Mom would pick up.

I remember when she broke her arm playing in the yard with her sisters and Joe. I cried when they had to set the cast because she cried.

I remember driving in the car in complete silence. Then I would meet her stare in the mirror. She would laugh. I would laugh. About absolutely nothing.

I remember her telling me that she wanted to give her bike to the neighbor girl because the girl didn't have one. *smile*

I remember her first day of school. Her first bike. Her favorite Spice Girl. Her friends. Her Halloween costumes. Her laughter. Her obstinate streak. When they took her tonsils out. Her Wizard of Oz shoes. Getting her ears pierced.

Pieces of Middle Chicken wrapped around me that make me smile. And now Chrystan is headed off to high school next year. A stubborn independent redhead with a big heart and big ideas.

I couldn't be more proud.

Pictures to come.


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