Friday, March 03, 2006

This time I'm the tree

Hey everyone!
Remember that post about my Mom being the tree, and I'm the nut that didn't fall far from her?
Well now I've got a nut of my own. LMAO
Last night, my oldest chicken attended a band competition for solos, duets, and trios. She had a duet with a flute player. And they got a ONE! That, my lovely friends, is a Superior. She received a nice, blue ribbon and was tickled.
I honestly thought I was going to shed a tear at first. I was so damn excited!
So that was my lovely news for last evening. And other than that...same ol' stuff around here.
I'm thinking about the writing again. But I'm still reticent about hopping back in full throttle. Maybe I'll be circumspect.
Yeah. Me. Circumspect.
Quit laughing. Stranger things have happened.


B said...

Oh lord, what the hell does circumspect mean?? Hey! Now you stop laughing!!

Good for your chicken, that's awesome!


Rene said...

Maybe I'll be circumspect

Uhhh, sure, yeah, that'll be the day.

Yeah for the chicken. I'd be mushy too.

Olga said...

Is it bad that I don't know what that word means either? And congrats to your oldest chicken!

Michelle said...

Awwww...sniffle...yay for your daughter! Wonderful news!

You must be so proud. :)