Thursday, March 16, 2006


I was watching CMT this evening when I noticed something. A LeAnn Rimes video, the new one if that helps, was playing. And she was looking for someone special. That was the gist anyway. So she zips through all these blind dates and whatnot. And while some of them were questionable for my tastes, some of them weren't. But she wrinkled her nose at all of them.
Until, of course, the Greek God she lusted after in her apartment complex bumped into her and made her spill her laundry. Then there were hot gazes exchanged and such. END VIDEO.

So. Individual taste certainly accounts for something. And each of us has certain preferences. Hair color. Eye color. Height. Weight. Clothes. Do you find yourself gravitating in the image rut? If you're single, do you look for that one person who fits all your criteria? And if you're married/taken, do you gravitate towards someone who looks like your spouse?
I can find almost anyone who has at least one characteristic I find desirable. And I love looking. *grins* That'll never change.

And for the you find yourself writing a certain type of hero/heroine? I'm not just talking Alpha or Beta. I'm talking about deep traits that reflect maybe your POV or habits?
I made my first heroine addicted to Diet Pepsi. hehehe
Such is the power of the keyboard. But then I've had heroines who drink coffee. I don't touch it. These aren't life-altering things.
But maybe if all my characters adore animals. Love to read. Are blunt. Then I see little images of myself shine through. And I find it difficult to have my heroine have the hots for a man who isn't desirable, at least in some aspects, to me.
It's a wide world out there. And I don't really think you have to look like a cover model to be attractive. It's a widely accepted image, but one that doesn't impress me much. Unless there's a lot more behind those eyes and smile.


Silma said...

In my personal life, I'm fine the way I am. Single. However, if I meet someone who fits all my criterias, well, bring it on.

But in writing, well, that's hard to tell. I can't think of two heroes or heroines that might share the same characteristics. You see, I don't sit down and plan my characters. I don't breath life into them. They come alive on their own volition. From what they look like to who they are. As I write they reveal themselves to me.

See now why I'm a lousy writer? Or should I say slow writer? Ok, both. *lol*

Rene said...

Oh, no, I do not gravitate towards men who look like my dh. I'm not that pathetic. Balding, paunchy middle age guys just aren't my cup o'tea, at least to sigh over. They're okay to be married to.

Physically, my heroes all have dark hair. Eye color changes, but hair is always dark. And lots of it. Yes, the men my heroine is pining for is the same guy I'm hot for. I do instill my heroine's with some of my traits for the simple fact it is easy to write. A freebie in character development as it were. Amazingly enough, they usually have no desire to have kids. Can you believe that? LOL

chryscat said...

Silma: LOL! Go woman! I like the fact you know what you want and will not accept less.
Rene: *snicker* No kids, huh? Those heroines must have superior intelligence. LMAO

Tori Lennox said...

It's funny, by and large I'm attracted to guys with dark hair. So I'm always a little surprised when I start lusting after a blond. *g* I'm even more surprised when the guys in my writing turn out to be blond. But, hey, I'm just the chronicler. I have nothing to do with the details! LOL!

But back to me, I'm single (obviously, or I wouldn't be living with my parents again). Would I rather be married? Well, yeah. But I have yet to find Mr. Right. :)

B said...

Hmmm, tall dark and handsome, everything my H is NOT! But it's the personality that makes the person, nothing sexier or more endearing than an awesome personality.