Sunday, March 05, 2006

Practicing schizophrenic

I'm of two minds.
Now let me explain.

I'm a fairly liberal person. I believe as long as people are not hurting each other, they have a right to pretty much do as they wish. (Please don't take this out of context.) I believe that people have unalienable rights to live and love as they choose. I believe that even if I don't agree with a book, magazine, or movie's should still be available for those who do.

On the other hand, I'm extremely conservative with the chickens. The dating issue has come up again. DATING! Can you believe that? We're talking twelve-year olds here. Michelle, quit laughing. I mean it. *grins*
But since their friends are doing it...well, I don't think I even need to finish this thought. But let me reiterate...they're not doing anything. Period. I don't care to be a Grandma before I'm forty.
But that's society nowadays.
And let me tell you what started this. It wasn't even the chickens. *laughing*
I'm channel-surfing last evening when I saw Cruel Intentions on ABC Family channel.
For those of you unaware of what this movie is about...I'll shed a little light on the subject.
It's about rich step-siblings who are always trying to one up the other by playing cruel jokes on other people. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy fame) is the witch sister. Ryan Phillipe is the brother. She is awful. A more manipulative, cruel teenager could not possibly be found.
And then here comes the bet. Sarah bets Ryan that he can't take this wholesome girl's virginity (Reese, later Mrs. Phillipe). If she wins, she gets his car, his pride and joy. If he wins, he can nail her any way he wants. Yeah. You read the last sentence correctly.
Did I mention Sarah was a skank in this movie?
Anyway, the movie's actually pretty good. But NOT for children. I wouldn't let anyone under sixteen even THINK of watching this movie. And the fact that it was on ABC Family channel just burns my ass.
Is it okay for me to watch it? Sure. I have the mental capability to look at the situation and say "Whoa. What a whore. I hope she gets what she deserves." My chickens, alas, don't have that fine-tuned capability yet. They are susceptible to things that they aren't even aware of. And that is what scares the bejeezus out of me.

And for my funny story of the morning...I still need to have "the talk" with the middle chicken. She has been avoiding this like it will physically pain her. So I sneak in a little pre-talk while we're headed to town to buy shoes. She knows she's trapped. So I casually bring up the question as to when this talk will take place. Then I segue into if she knows what sex is. I cover the basics with that (more in-depth later). And she looks at me and says, "Mom. I'm trying to keep my breakfast down."


Rene said...

My kids will not date until they are 16. It will be the rule. If at age 12 they want a romantic life, they can get it vicariously through romance novels like I did. I anticipate this will be a struggle with the oldest girl. I've heard how 12 year old boys talk about girls and it isn't pleasant. No way is my daughter getting that situation.

Michelle said...

Chrys--LOL! Yes, this is the time when twelve-year-old girls suddenly think they're teenagers. They are still little girls, but boys are interesting! Some of the more mature boys will flirt, while the younger twelve-year-olds look at the girls with a combination of fascination and horror. They're still playing with Tonka trucks while the girls are trying on make-up.

Just be there for her and listen. She'll open up to you as long as you don't push. :)

chryscat said...

Rene: YES! 16! I'm with you, woman!
Michelle: *sigh* They're killing me. Especially when their friends are apparently *ahem* gaining some experience. I'm rather horrified.

Eva Gale said...

My oldest female hatchling is 11 and trying to look hot, but she can't figure out who for yet. I'm OK with that.

Howz the homeschooling?