Tuesday, March 14, 2006

If you knew the destination, would you change the journey?

*tapping fingers*
I believe I've already discussed my lack of patience. But somehow I find myself very accepting of my situation as far as my professional goals go. Quite frankly, overnight success in the author field is a joke.
But I'm constantly amazed by how many stories there are. And the journeys are all different. Families who support. Individuals who support themselves. Friends who chip in. Friends who could care less. Writers who have had three books squirreled away for fifteen years and just now feel the need to publish them. Writers who have finished their first book and can't wait to submit it yesterday.
I know it's hard to wait. Heaven knows it isn't my favorite thing to do.
So. I'm sending out huge hugs to those who wait. And those who have gotten the call recently. Those who are taking the same journey. And those that simply stop by to see what's shaking.

I know where I'm going. I know where I've been. And I'm still loving the road I'm on. Bumps and all.


Rene said...

I go through so many phases on this journey. I want to get published, but it doesn't dominate my life. I have too many other things on my plate. I'm quite patient so I know if it is meant to be, my time will come.

B said...

(((hugs))) honey, thank you for knowing yourself so well, and sharing your knowledge with all of us here. I hope you never stop loving the journey!


MsPsycho said...

I too am trying to write about my life story. I finished writing it, but I need someone who knows more about writing than I do. Mainly my story needs a lot of editing...I was just wondering do you do your own editing or do you pay someone else to edit your story for you?

This is my blog space... http://mspsychosthoughts.blogspot.com/ I talk about a subject that is hard for most to talk about, and was wondering if you knew anyone that could help me get my story together...thanks.