Thursday, March 30, 2006

Insomnia: Inspiration or Sleep Deprivation?

I couldn't sleep last night. Which ran into this morning. I finally closed my eyes around 2:30 and probably slept a total of four hours (that would be a THIRD of what I need to function normally) before I had to make sure the chickens got on the school bus.
And as I lay my weary head back down on the pillow, relishing the blissful thoughts of unconsciousness, thoughts began to tumble through my head.
I ran through my literary playlist. And I started thinking about all the wonderful advice y'all gave me. I pulled my story ideas to the front of the line and picked through them. And one in particular snagged my attention.
And then another damn title.
And then a sequence of events in a new story. And a villain. And my characters. And, of course, I sit here hopped-up on Diet Pepsi and peanut butter M & M's. But I have the outline for a story that I'm excited about.
The story that I culled this idea from would also be fun to work on. And maybe I need to give the erotica a break for a bit. Because those are two that I have open now.
But this other's high concept. It has universal appeal. And if I could peddle it right, who knows?
That's my professional good news.

On the personal front...guess who's going out Friday night? *whistling*
And guess who also has to get up Saturday at 5:30 am and 7:00 am? Run around all day. Go grocery shopping. Shuffle children to and fro. Adopt another child for three hours. And then will proceed to die Sunday from sheer exhaustion?
*grinning* Yep! Me!
A friend and I are going to take a small break and simply get out of the house.
I see alcohol and dancing in my future. *snapping fingers* Hey! Maybe that's why my Muse decided to come back and visit. LMAO


Tori Lennox said...

Alcohol and dancing? Fun!

Dawnyal said...

Sounds like a productived morning. Enjoy your night out and have one for me. :)

Eva Gale said...

Well??? How was your night out?????

And I just thought of a great idea too. Except mine was chianti induced. But peanut M&M's and Diet Pepsi sound good too!

Anonymous said...

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