Monday, March 06, 2006

Technical mishaps

What is going on???
AOL is bouncing my emails like it's an enjoyable pasttime. Blogger is telling me that I'm "forbidden" to view my own blog. What in the world?
I've had two lists drop me because AOL is not delivering my mail. Irritated? You betcha. Then when I log-on to blog this morning...I am forbidden to access it. I'm slightly mollified by the fact that there were several people experiencing the same thing.
So I'm trying to cut and piece the blogs I go to and find the links on there so that I may bloghop this morning. It was dicey, let me tell you. On my blog, I have all the lovely links I need. And I just go down the line and do my business.
On a sidenote: Let us all hope and pray that Stephanie's favorite number is 7. Because that means I'll be able to get a copy of Amy's book. *doing the Hallelujah dance*
And OH MY GOD! I just now figured out how to put a link behind someone's name.
Well. Then. *polishing knuckles on shirt* I suppose I'm not in as bad a way as I originally thought. hehehe

I'm working on my submission to Fall Fires for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid today. I should be able to finish the rough draft today, edit tomorrow, and then send it off by Friday. *fingers crossed*
And a totally, most likely inappropriate, question...If you read threesomes bother you? Does that encroach on the romantic aspect of the read? I'm rather curious myself.
A fellow author and I were discussing it the other day. Some reviewers really don't care for it. But we all know how subjective they are. I'm talking about READERS. So let me know. If you don't want to leave a me at


Silma said...

Mercury is in retrograde. That explains the crappiness that is happening. *nods nods nods*

Tori Lennox said...

I was just about to ask if that might be the case, Silma.

chryscat said...

ACK! The stars must once again line up or something! Mercury needs to get its act together! Please, Oh Lord! I can't take much more!
Now I must consult my sun sign.