Monday, March 27, 2006

Book Swap

There is nothing good on television this evening.
So I decided to watch Wife Swap. You know, instead of doing that pesky professional thing called writing. *rolling eyes*
This is the first time I've ever watched the whole episode. It's just a little too much for me. But I stuck with it this time. *shrug*
And here's what I uncomfortable!
Can you imagine someone taking something you hold so dear and holding the complete polar opposite views? And then being able to implement those views to teeth-gnashing results?
It would be like finishing a manuscript and then offering it up with lowered head and raised hands to someone else. "Do with it what you will." Ack! My eye is twitching.
Is anyone else going to have nightmares over the thought?
I have a friend who can tell me exactly when Louis L'Amour died and his family started writing. It changed. The tone. The wording. The voice.
A different perspective is nice. A complete overhaul to someone else's specifications is purgatory.
I suppose some think that it makes good television.
But here's what I think. If there were meant to be more of someone...there would be. Clones and whatnot. But we're individuals. With our own minds. Our own hearts.
And we should respect that.


Anonymous said...

While I personally do not like the show, my daughter does. She thinks that it is a good thing because it opens up people's minds. One episode featured a woman from the New Jersey backwoods who moved into New York City and lived the life of a rich millionaire in NYC. She longed to spend time with the kids rather than spend her day getting a pedicure or shopping. This helped open up the rich family to see that their kids were important and not to be left to the maids. I also saw one episode where a daughter did not have a good relationship with her mother and the wife that was swapped she was able to talk to. The wife brought this up when the two wives met causing the daughter to have an improved relationship with her daughter. I think that the show is good in that it can really help people see how they are living, to value their lives. Sorry to be so long... just throwing my 2 cents out. --- Judy

chryscat said...

Judy: Hi! *waving*
I find myself thinking that half of each family is tolerable. The other half is simply torqued out. Tonight's episode...the wife of the freak show couple and then the husband of the princess. Those two were halfway decent.
But mostly it's an embarrassment.
If this show really made some type of social change or shattered stereotypes, I'd be on the bandwagon. I, personally, like insights to different people. That, to me, is this show's only saving grace.

Michelle said...

I think when positive changes come about, then it's okay. Mostly I think it's tv drama, though.

Tess Harrison said...

When I watch these kinds of shows all I can think of is "I'm only seeing what the producer wants me to see." Part of that comes from being married to a pre and post video editor. Sometimes he takes the thrill out of watching things like this. But I can see the benefits to the swap and I can see the pitfalls, too.

Rene said...

My son loves that show although I don't encourage watching it. I'm not sure why people would submit themselves to that kind of scrutiny. Is being on television worth it?

As for fiction, when an author has died and someone has taken their place, I don't mind as long as I'm told. Caleb Carr wrote a Sherlock Holmes novel in the same style as Conan Doyle and I thought it was better.