Thursday, January 05, 2006


I've confessed to my brain only working at full function right before I go to sleep. It's that narrowing and focusing of thoughts that will drive me batty if I don't write these thoughts down.
And I had another doozy last night.

My weakness, as a writer, is to let the characters take over and write their story. I am NOT so good at description. I know that Alison Kent is just the opposite. THAT cracks me up. With her brain and mine, we could take over the world. (Just kidding, Danica. I'll be YOUR sidekick when you take no prisoners. Me=Pinky)
But then I had this wonderful thought about description last night in my FG book. It's the first in the four book set. And all of a sudden, I had description. From the prologue to where I stopped. It actually took my breath away.
I sometimes struggle with writing a book over 60,000. That's because I have all meat and no side dishes at the table. And now I'm beginning to realize exactly how to accomplish that. And it's the simple things. And this time, my friends, I think it's clicked.

On the exercise front...Billy Blanks and I officially tolerate each other now. *grins* I haven't missed a workout yet. And though there is still cursing, it's more infrequent. One day at a time.


Rene said...

I hate when I read a book and find a beautiful piece of description and bemoan the fact I can't write like that. But it comes down to voice and style. My writing tends to be full of movement, so description has to be done on the move, there is no space for beautiful passages of narrative. It would read funny.

Glad something clicked for you. It's always great when a plan comes together.

I'm pleased to hear you and Billy are on civil terms.

Michelle said...

You always have to put your own personal spin on things, but I'm glad you found a way! Description was always my Achilles Heel, but I've learned a way that works for me. Now I love it. :)

Dawnyal said...

good for you for coming to an agreement with billy.

You and I truly are alike. Although I don't write like I used to, my mind still races right before it's time to go to sleep, especially on stressful days and if I don't at least let the thoughts play out, I will sleep like crap.

B said...

Oooo, that's awesome Chrys! I love it when things just click!

You and Billy, huh? Yeah, I can see it. But don't be too hard on the guy, he's just trying to help! *g