Monday, January 09, 2006

Spit and polish

Editing today. I really find this to be a monotonous part of the whole writing process. Necessary, yes. But still evil. *grins*

Halfway through and will finish tomorrow. Thank goodness.

I'm slightly edgy today. It only started when the kids came home. Mondays are hell on earth around here. Chickens have homework for hours. Rather cuts into my working time. So I'm looking for a hot bath later. Can't wait. And then maybe these lovely knots in my shoulders will go away.

I was tweaking my website today and found a small problem. My calendar says I have a chat January 28th. Problem being--that's all it says. I have no idea where. Or what time. Brilliant, eh? *smacking self in forehead*
Let's hope this comes to light before the appointed time.

Virtually Yours has moved from the #10 bestseller to the #9 bestseller on Fictionwise for Whiskey Creek Press. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
These numbers will be the death of me yet.


Amy said...

Congrats on #9! Hope you get your hot bath as planned. I'm dreading when they start getting homework.

Sharon said...

Yay! Hope it keeps moving up. I was reading your comment about the kiddos over at Rene's blog and was lmao. I can so relate *g*

B said...

Oh how cool, look at you go miss #9!!

Ahhhh, what I wouldn't give for a hot bath especailly in one of those jet tubs, heaven!!!

Hope you survived Monday madness alright. Does it disturb you as much as it does me, just how freakin' difficult the kids' homework is these days?! I'm starting to wonder if I may need a tutor for myself just to help her! Oy vey!


April Joleen said...

congrats on #9. That is awesome!

Tess Harrison said...

Me too on the evil part. That's where I'm at with the ms I'm working on and it's driving me insane. I wonder if it's because I've actually gone through a round of editor edits now and I'm seeing imperfections in everything. Any way I look at it I have to get through these so I can send this to my editor.

chryscat said...

Amy: Yes. Hot bath around midnight. *rolling eyes* Technically it was the same day.
Sharon: *laughing* Noted some similarities, did you?
Beverly: Oh yes. And then I REALLY hit the roof when the kids started "new math." I mean, really! What the hell was wrong with the old stuff?
April Joleen: Thank you!!! And may I say...that picture rather rocks!
Tess: I know! I'm This spot is rather weak. Dammit. Okay. And here. That's not so good. *pulling my hair out*
This too shall pass.

Rene said...

Great news on moving up the chart. I understand the knots. THat's probably why my wine rack is near empty.

chryscat said...

Rene: *laughing* You DO understand.

B said...

Yeah, you mean that Trailblazers crap?! WTF is up with that?! Designed specifically to make parents feel even more stupid, IMO. Otherwise, what purpose could it possibly be serving? *g