Saturday, January 21, 2006


I'll be arse-deep in editing and finishing my book 1 for the hind end of this month. But I thought I would dedicate this post to editing.
And here's what I have to say. I'm going to be using generalizations because I NEVER want to hurt anyone's feelings or make them feel bad. (Unless they cut me off in traffic. But I digress.)

Editing is hugely important in writing. I used to mostly be a one shot writer. Meaning I would write the story once and basically (BASICALLY) be done. Then I would go through and self-edit. Then I would submit.
I've changed. It's actually like a metamorphosis of sorts. I will go through and write it once. But I will always start a little farther back and then edit as I go up to the point I stopped at. And now I'm tackling subtle layers of description. This is my weak point. And I've gotten better. Believe me. My strong point is the characters. I never really have to tweak their dialogue or patter. That comes natural to me. (And yes. I run dialogue in my head ALL the time. *laughing* I actually got up from my desk Thursday to go to the bathroom and had to sit right back down because the dialogue wouldn't quit, and I didn't want to lose it.)
Now after I write it once, I will go back through and layer description. Tighten. Shift a little if needed. I give it a day or two while working on something else. Then I go back and edit the whole thing.

Still with me?
When an editor is assigned to my book, I want to send them the best product I have. So between contract and editor, I edit myself again. Okay. I haven't had any problems with most of my editors. But I do have a problem with an editor who wants to, in my opinion, "co-author" my book. I have a serious issue with that. And it frustrates the living daylights out of me. I wrote the book. I know what I want. And when an editor will take my work and tweak to THEIR liking, I become a little short and irritated. (Hold up. I'm short and irritated anyway. LMAO) frustration builds until I'm so seriously sick of it, that I want to throw up my hands. I had a rather upsetting experience with one who played with my manuscript to his/her satisfaction. And now I've run across the same problem with the one I'm editing now. And let's just say...I'm not giving an inch. So. I'm trying to lower my blood pressure and take it one step at a time.
Hoping for the best!


B said...

Oh honey, I can totally understand how infuriating that must be! I mean this is your livelihood, your expression of self. Plus, if they think they're such hot shit then why aren't they off writing their own freakin' book instead of screwing with yours?? Tell 'em to step off baby, you got this! *g


Olga said...

I edit now much more than I used to, too. And hugs about the editor!

Danica said...

Good Luck!

B said...

Yikes, that may have been a little harsh, sorry to all the well meaning, hard working editors out there! Chrys, please feel free to edit or delete my crankiness. You may have noticed I have "issues" with people taking advantage with their power. Sooooooory! ;D