Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yesterday and today

Ahhhhh...Billy Blanks. Took yesterday off (not enough hours in the day) but got right back on it today. And guess what? The chickens participated, too. Isn't that kewl? *grins*
There are not only verbal cues that others around you take. There are nonverbal clues. And I'm a firm believer in we teach others how to teach us.
So I've tried to um...exhibit less road rage. (It helps that the chickens are back in school.) All of us cleaned the bejeezus out of the house today. Christmas tree put up. Bathroom clean. (I LOATHE doing the bathroom) Dishes done.
Yesterday was fun. Had to do shopping. Ran into Mom in town. Saw my sister. Ran late. Hurried home. Two of the chickens were cheerleading at the high school basketball game. Then I went to a party. An adult party. *wriggling eyebrows*
And laughed my ass off. Always fun to see creative genius in action. Bzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzz

I also received my Perfect Timing galley in the mail Friday!!! *DANCING* Yep. My second book. It's a Time Travel romance. I'll post an excerpt sometime soon. It'll be released February 1st. And I am excited!

All is good.


Rene said...

Wow, you had a busy day. Someday I'm going to have a life. BTW, I tagged you on my blog.

chryscat said...

*clutching heart dramatically*
I've been tagged!
You know...if Blogger weren't such a pain in my ass (as in NOT sending me notification emails) I would have known this sooner.
I'm on my way!!!

B said...

Heh, good luck on the road rage sweetie.

Yeah, I believe the same. Dr. Phil is da man! Now I just need to learn how to un-teach them!

Uh-um, buzz buzz?? You saucy little thing you!