Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A timely message

I was extremely tired at 8:30 pm last night. I was yawning and looking forward to 10:00 pm (after Medium) so I could go to sleep. But when 10:00 pm rolled around, I found I couldn't sleep. No big surprise there. My sleep cycle? It could drive one to drink.
So I channel-surfed and watched a few things. But I stumbled upon something that I'm going to share this afternoon.
You know how we separate our channels into little divisions? Lifetime, WE, etc. are Women's Channels. Spike is for Men. Then there's a dozen Cartoon channels for Children.
And then there are the religious channels.
Every once in a great while, I like to listen to Jesse DuPlantis or Joyce Meyer. I caught Joyce Meyer last night. And she perked me right up.

I struggle with not eating after 8:00 pm and not drinking enough water. Those are my two biggies. I've pretty much given up sugar at this point. *sidenote: I don't crave it anymore*

And what did Joyce Meyer begin to talk about? "Discipline and Self-Control."
I was fixated. The first example she used? People who say they don't drink enough water and can't stand it. One person even told her that the taste of water gags her.
*picture me with jaw wide open and almost falling off of bed*

I continued to listen to her, and though I'm going to paraphrase, I wanted to put this in here.
"Talent without discipline is like an octopus on rollerskates. Sure, you're moving. But you have no idea in which direction. Forwards, backwards, or sideways."
Isn't that one of the most appropriate parallels you've ever heard? She said there is nothing that frustrates her more than seeing someone with talent who is squandering it. We are given talent for a reason! And we are expected to do everything in our power to nurture it and use it.

She continued to talk about feeling when something is right for you. Feeling comfortable with your choices. The one thing I absolutely love about this woman is that she will lay out the facts, back them up with the bible, and let you make your own decision. (I cannot STAND a person in the pulpit shouting down at me that I'm going to hell no matter what.)

Now...she said that any habit must be done for thirty days to make it a part of your lifestyle. Thirty days to break one. And then she suggested substituting the good for the bad. This isn't a new concept by any means. I've heard Dr. Phil say this numerous times. But I must admit that I took every word she said into account. It impressed upon me once again that discipline within is the only way to grow. Discipline in all areas of life. Food, family, and profession.
We have to love ourselves enough to wait for long-term gratification. THAT is the test. THAT is the proof.
Something to think about.


Tori Lennox said...

I've never watched her except in passing while channel surfing, but my mom watches her sometimes. She says she's quite good. :) I'm glad she was able to perk you up!

Nancy J. Bond said...

(a) I'm with you on the water--hehehe--and it's something I'm working on; and (b) I've always been an instant gratification sort of gal and your post has been a timely reminder to be patient with myself. :) Thanks!

Dawnyal said...

that is a great post. Luckily I love water--especially ice cold so that's usually not a problem.

Amy said...

I'm a water-aholic but I have plenty of other vices to work on. Need. Discipline. Now.

Jen said...

Have no problems in the water department (except I cannot stand water from the tap! ICK)

I like Joyce Meyer...she tells you like it is! She's a bit too "religious" for Alan's tastes, but some of the titles of her books have caught his eye.

Danica said...

Thanks! I needed this post. I haven't caught Joyce Meyer in ages, so this was great.

Eva Gale said...

I have to remind myself to drink anything. Dh never goes two feet without a bottle of water.

I'm getting myself back off the sugah now. When I got pregnant I was completely off with no cravings like you said, but then it all fell apart. Now I'm weaning myself.

I haven't watched Joyce in a long time.

Except for the chocolate. Bittersweet. Oy vey.

chryscat said...

Tori: Yes! She brought it home. Believe me.
Nancy: *wink* We're a lot alike in that area.
Dawnyal: I do, too. If it's not well water! And my kids loathe it. I have to pick up bottled water to make everyone happy. Paying for water? Sheesh!
Amy: You crack me up. I have a few vices of my own. These are better left unsaid. LMAO
Jen: I know what you mean. I feel like Joyce actually "talks to" instead of "talks down to."
Danica: *laughing* Thank the insomnia. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Briana: CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm tickled for you! Glad you and the baby are healthy.

B said...

Wow, who'd of thought such appropriate insight into one's self would be lurking in the realm of late night channel surfing?! I love that quote, what an awesome way to put it, you can't help but stop and think a bit huh? And that's so true about the feeling when something's right, everything just kind of falls into place doesn't it?

BTW, I LOVE Medium! Next week's looks goooood!