Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I pumiced my butt last night

Unintentionally, of course. *laughing*
I thought I would hop in the tub for a nice, hot relaxing bath. I sprinkled in the pink bath salts so I would smell good. And then I soaked myself. Lovely.
Then I thought...what the hell? I can pumice my feet real quick. So I squirted this little foot stuffs on one foot and rubbed it all over. It has those little pieces in it that is supposed to scrub off the old skin and whatnot. I rinsed that foot and then started on the other. When that one was done, I put both feet back in the water and then moved to grab my bodywash.
Lo and behold...my heiney was sliding on little pumice pieces. It wasn't unpleasant. It wasn't pleasant, either. A little odd, sure. *grins*
So. I grabbed the loofah and went to town on my feet and legs. And then when I moved back to do the shoulders, I rubbed against the pumice again. By this time I'm thinking..."Whoa. My butt will be so shiny someone could fix their hair by looking at it." LMAO
Moral of the story. Maybe do the pumice on the tootsies last. Lesson learned.

On the writing front...approaching 50,000 words on my novel. I want to have it done by February 1st. That's the goal.


Walt said...

Oh, I have one of those pumice stones in the shower, but it doesn't do enough for my ugly feet.

Sometime back, I purchased a three speed Dremel-like tool (small handheld drill) that has a small rotary drum sander as a tool. I was tempted, and I regularly gross my wife out when I use the slow speed setting and SANDPAPER MY FEET. Done with a light touch, it doesn't burn and is faster and more effective.

Yes, I harbor a bit of the Tim Allen gene. I can't help it.

chryscat said...

Walt: LMAO! I never thought of that. My feet aren't that bad, but the edges are rough. A dremel, eh? Quite inventive.
And what? No grunting? *grins*

Michelle said...

A dremel for feet. Now that's what I need!

LOL on the pumice. :)

B said...

Oh my! I hope you and your shiney, freshly pumiced heiney enjoyed your relaxing soak! Hmmm, not unpleasant, huh? *g

Good job on the 50,000 words by Feb goal, looks like you're well on your way to achieving that one!


chryscat said...

Michelle: One just never knows what will happen around here. *grins*
Beverly: It was rather odd, actually. Kind of like sitting on sand. So I just imagined I was at the beach and left it at that. *laughing*
Thanks! I believe I'll only have 20,000 to 25,000 more words to write. We'll see what shakes out.