Monday, February 14, 2005


Professionalism. You know, I believe in it. That's what made this all the funnier. I checked the mail today and received a letter from the first publisher I sent my first manuscript to. Keep in mind, I sent this off about two years ago. I had honestly thought they lost it, and I didn't much care because I had decided to keep my first story for myself and my family.
The letter was nice. They said it was too short. And they were sorry they couldn't use it. I didn't have a problem with that. As I said, it needs some MAJOR reformatting and editing. But the story is good.
I digress. The problem with the whole thing was the paper it was printed on. You know how all publishers, agents, et al would like for you to use new cartridges and such? To show professionalism? To show you give a damn about your product? This paper was AWFUL! Half was faded out. It was off-center. My ten year-old could have put something together that looked better. I opened it and just laughed and laughed. I'm keeping it. This is such a good example of what not to do that I just can't help myself. By the's a major publisher. LMAO!
On the writing front, I'm hot and heavy on the trail of finding an agent for my Suspense/Thriller. I'm still waiting to hear from a publisher about a fiction work I sent them at the end of last year. I'm working on two Contemporary Romances and loving it.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!


username said...
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username said...

Lest I sound curmudgeonly and evilly perky, I deleted my previous comment and amend it with the following statement.

Due to several situations I encountered in the past, I'm now highly skeptical as to who truly is professional and who is truly what they claim to be.

The two don't necessarily go together--go figure!

chryscat said...


LMAO! You? Evilly perky? Nah.
*laughing* I appreciate the comment. Things are certainly not as they appear sometimes. And even the most lovely sheep could be hiding some hideous piece of crap inside. Wow. I think I've hit cynical. Hmmm.

username said...

Best of luck to you on your endeavors.

I stay cynical now, thanks to the assmonkeys abounding in this business. *g*