Saturday, February 12, 2005

Computer Glitch

Just a small one. Only all my files and programs having to be reinstalled. ARGH! I tell you what...if I didn't have a back-up of everything, I would be seeking mental health assistance RIGHT THIS MINUTE!
Can you believe that crap? Over 400 songs...POOF! All my files I installed and moved over to the new computer...POOF! Grrrrrrrrrr
But all is well now. THANK GOD! Everything is back where it should be. Well, almost. I haven't ripped or burned any music yet because I'm hard at work with the manuscripts and queries.
Funny thing is...when I transferred everything over again, I just found two more manuscripts which I didn't transfer before. So my plate is full again. Writing tomorrow. Catching up tonight. One of the manuscripts reminds me of "Forever" by Jude Devereaux. The tone, actually. It resonates with me.

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