Saturday, February 19, 2005


I have to add this to my blog from yesterday. Last year at this time, I hadn't sold either one of my books. I hadn't finished my Suspense/Thriller. I didn't have this lovely, shiny, NEW computer. LMAO
What a difference a year makes. A GOOD difference. I've learned to let the important things stick, and the cheap, meaningless, worthless things and people slide to the wayside. Taken awhile for that one.
I'm chalking several of those up to "learning experience" and moving on. I'm absolutely thrilled to be living my life as it is and doing what I love.
I've brought three of my WIP's up to speed to about 20,000 words each. Two are Paranormal and one is Contemporary. One is a series. I'll probably top out between 60,000 and 70,000 words. That's about right for the market I've targeted.
I've found a publisher I would like to query for "A Life Unraveled", but I'm giving a few agents a little time to reply back to me.
I've scheduled two more chats for this year and the release of "Virtually Yours" in October.
I am so excited! BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!


username said...

Happy belated birth anniversary. *g*

username said...

You know, we should hook up sometime and gab in mail or in IM or on the phone--I think we have more in common than we both realize. Children, being Packers fans, writing...the list may be endless. *g*