Saturday, February 26, 2005

If I told you to jump off a bridge...

There are leaders and followers in the world. There must be both to have balance. Some people are just born to do one or the other. That's great. Find your niche.
I am not, however, impressed with the manipulation and hypocrisy of one person which spreads like poison to others. It's toxic. Period. I do not giggle and make snide remarks behind a person's back. It's childish and pathetic. And to tear someone down just to get the instant gratification of others trying to build you back up? It's nauseating. Ludicrous, actually.
If that's the pathetic, little world you live in...fine. It's too bad you've brought others down to your level. Better to wallow with others, isn't it? Little company for the pity party.
Not everyone has been taken in by the simpering, "woe is me" crap. Good for them. I'm glad some people can judge for themselves who is destructive, manipulating, et al. It gives one hope.
And on a related subject. Writing.
Writing is not like lawn-mowing. I mow the lawn because I must. I mow the lawn because there are times I would like to see my children when they play outside.
I write because I love it. I write because I'm good at it. I write because I was MEANT to write. Take that all away and you have lawn-mowing.
Bridge-jumping? Oh yes. Here are some reasons they will give you:
1. It's fun! (??????)
2. Nothing to it. I've done it before. Follow me. (If you don't have enough common sense of your own-you can borrow some of mine.)
3. It's not that far.
4. It'll only hurt a little bit. (Think full body cast, if not instant death.)
5. I told you to. (This is called the "God" complex. We only have one, folks. And he's not here on this Earth.)
You can call this "learning experience" whatever you want to. Put some snow on the mountain and call it "Switzerland."
I hope that some will begin to think on their own and not take up the flag when they haven't the faintest what was said. How it was said. I have e-mails which will stay in the filing cabinet because I have enough respect for myself not to share them with others. Show a little restraint. If you can't carry your own flag, put it down. This needed to be said. And now I'm done with the whole sorry affair.
And a little advice about the bridge...DON'T JUMP!

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username said...

Reminds me of Peggy Hill after she jumped out of the airplane and her parachute didn't deploy. *g*

Life is all about learning experiences. We just have to make certain we learn the lesson the first time around, which in turn, enables us to grow as a person.

Some people just never learn, in spite of being slammed with obvious signals. (This, I posted about years ago in regards to several single friends I had who were into the dating thing and not comprehending where they were screwing up when it was applicable to guys.)