Friday, February 18, 2005

33 Years on this Earth

Yep. Today's my birthday. Breakfast is being delivered. Lunch with Mom. Dinner is going to be prepared by someone other than myself. No dishes. *grinning*
Just a day of movies and fun. Sounds pretty ideal. Everything else can just step to the wayside today. I'm taking this day. And I am going to savor every last minute of it. Hehehe
Thirty-three years. I plan on living a LONG time, so I figure that's about a third of my life *grins*.
I'm writing books. I'm publishing books. I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted to do with my life. Everybody here is healthy. And happy. It don't get much better than this.


Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Have a super day. I'm so glad you're happy!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Happy Birthday, Chrys! I hope you have a wonderful day. :-)