Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Exhausted but tickled

I'm back. And I'm exhausted! I absolutely LOVE working the Book Fair, but it wears me out. However, *grinning broadly*, there were some perks. I get to talk to all the kids. Embarrass mine. *laughing* And so on and so forth. But there was something that totally took me by surprise. I sent my Book Cover Flat to school with my baby so she could show her teacher. Apparently she showed the rest of the class, too. (This is a "G" cover. No things hanging out where they shouldn't be. But I digress.)
When her class was filling out their "wish list", I had several children come up to me and have me sign a piece of paper. I was utterly at a loss. They wanted my autograph! OMIGOD! I was so flattered and flustered, I don't think I quit blushing for fifteen minutes. Their teacher said they are so excited that I'm an author. It was one of the sweetest moments I've encountered. So, thanks kids! You made my day! I won't ever forget it.

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How cute! *g*