Friday, February 27, 2009

What Will They Think of Next???

This story fascinates me.
These people are tapping out novels on their cell phones! Isn't that amazing? I would, of course, lose my mind. But I'm impressed that these young people are taking that ambition and channeling into a worthwhile creative endeavor.
Cell phones are pretty amazing things. You can do so many tasks on them now. I suppose this is just one more thing that they're capable of doing.
But I can't imagine tap tap tapping away on a screen so minimal or a keyboard that is smaller than my palm.
Apparently there is a "mode" on my phone that allows for keyboard shortcutting. The "T9" mode or some such nonsense.
Drives me crazy. It doesn't take away my time to tap something out. It lengthens it. Um...considerably. The girls are constantly telling me to leap into the 21st century. Smart butts that they are.
But I resist.
Writing stories on cell phones.
What a novel idea.

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