Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Male Sex Survey

I can't find it now, damn it. But I read an interesting article from the homepage of AOL the other day. It was a Male Sex Survey.
It included: what they like, how they feel, and sexual preferences.
I do so love to get into a guy's head. But anyway...what really made me laugh aloud was a percentage.
The question (I'm paraphrasing) asked whether a man wanted a woman who could cook or a woman who could give him oral sex more. It was like a 49%/48% split.
And honest to God, all I could think about was...I feel the same way.
So see? We're not that different after all.
I could hem and haw and say that it's all research. But I'd be lying. And I do hate a liar. Had too many of them in my life.
The simple truth? Sex is fascinating. The chemical and physiological reaction. The sensations. All of it. Perhaps that's why I split my romance between traditional and erotic.
Now. I obviously need a literary hero who can cook and *ahem* take care of other necessary business.

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Tori Lennox said...

That's pretty funny. *g*

I assume you guys survived the tornadoes?