Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We're doing a redesign at work. New carpet and a total redesign of the departments around here.
It's maddening.
We still don't entirely have our footing as to job duties, other tasks, and desk assignments. And that leaves a lot of us looking longingly at a bottle of Jack at the end of a days work. Ya know?
And instead of a large building in which to do business, we have a small room. And I mean small.
When it's complete, it's going to be utterly gorgeous. Until then? Not so very much.

Personally? I'm rocking right along. Haven't concentrated on WATS like I should. I would say that's been my biggest downfall of sorts. My bills are all paid. I have a new vehicle.
Did I tell y'all that???
If you're a regular reader, you know I'm the poster child for fucked-up automobiles. And I swear to God I can feel my arteries try to shutdown when I have a car that will not treat me right. For example...start.
And after a three week cluster from hell, I have a new car. Well. A new USED car. *grins*
It used to be my sister's company car. But she's moved on up to an Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition vehicle with a sunroof and heated leather seats. Lord love her. LOL
So I'm bipping around in a 2006 blue Ford Escape with around 40,000 miles on it. And OMG! Am I loving the hell out of it? You bet your ass. The girls love it. We rock to the music streaming out of the speakers. It's fantastic!!!

Now. If only I don't have a nervous breakdown at work.

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Mr. Me said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW CAR!!! I've seen the car and know that you are styling!!!!