Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yes. *grins*
It's true.
The baby chicken was born at 8:11, thirteen years ago today, at the hospital in Moreno Valley, California.
Let's see.
I remember being in labor for hmmmmmm...two days. Yeah. That was nine kinds of fun. And the little chicken's water didn't break. Which, in itself, seems rather odd to me. Here Oldest Chicken's and Middle Chicken's water both broke at 5 am on a Thurs. I kid you not.
So I was expecting something similar.
And I say HA again.
So I lay there having these nice contractions. Okay, I was all bunched up and not happy at all with life. Anyway...the doc didn't want to give me any meds because we didn't know if my water was ever going to break.
It didn't.
So when the doc (an old Army doc, actually) came on call for the morning, he came in and took care of the breaking water business. I immediately went into "I'm having this baby right now!!!" mode. They give me a pain shot *snort*, and I remember looking at the clock on the other wall. He broke my water at around five til eight. At 8:11 am, Baby Chicken entered the world.
The pain medicine had NOT kicked in. That's all I'm saying. Because I remember BC popping out, and I looked up at the clock where the hands were blurring. The pain med was finally in effect.
Thank the patron saint of childbirthing (whoever that may be) that BC was the smallest of the three.
She was a cute little booger, no doubt.
Now she's this beautiful long-haired redhead. Time flies.
Love you!


Tori Lennox said...

Happy birthday to the Baby Chicken! She's obviously her own woman. :)

Lyvvie said...

Happy Birthday BC!!

My waters never broke with Sassyface, in fact my body absorbed all that fluid and it hung around for about a week on my person. I was so swollen I had to remove the laces from my shoes. Weirdest thing they'd seen in a long time. You know those cartoons where someone gets a hose in their mouth and turns into a water balloon? That was me.

So...this means you are the parent of three teenage girls. Where do I send the charitable donation to support your mental health sessions with top therapist?

Mr. Me said...

Tell her Happy Birthday from all of us out in California!!!

Sorry I was late in my birthday wishes!

Enjoyed the photos!

Cara said...

Nice one mom. This is Baby Chicken reporting to Mama Chicken. HELLO Wat is going on. I LOVE YOU. now whenever you getr lonely you can read this lovely letter from YOUR little CHICKEN. LOVE YOU MOM

AKA Baby Chicken

P.S. Thankyou EVERYONE!!